Retirement Plan Sponsor Services

Education and Communication Services

Specializing in the private 403(b) retirement plan market, our team at Millennium has been instrumental in helping plan sponsors achieve a central and extremely important goal of all retirement plans – preparing employees financially for their life after retirement. As a firm that focuses specifically on participant services, we also understand that the most significant objective of providing financial advice to individuals and families is to help them meet their own personal life goals.

While Millennium specifically provides participant level services, we often partner with plan level service providers to deliver a “complete” solution to help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations on both the participant level and the plan level.

For plan sponsors looking to enhance the retirement plan options available for their employees, we help implement a new group contract by delivering education to participants and also meeting with them individually. We begin by creating a positive communication campaign to ensure that employees are aware of the positive changes and the enhanced options available to them. Our team then works closely with HR to schedule and conduct multiple group meetings on campus for employees prior to implementation of the new group contract.

Throughout this time and beyond, advisors also meet privately with all interested employees to complete our goals based financial planning process. The planning process drives fiduciary advice with a personalized asset allocation strategy. Participants can use the recommendations in their personal financial plan to make ongoing investment decisions themselves or choose to hire Millennium for our fee-only professional asset management services within the retirement plan.

This comprehensive process is crucial to help ensure employees are taking advantage of the new retirement plan options in addition to helping them achieve their financial and retirement goals. After the initial conversion process is complete, individual financial planning meetings continue to take place on campus each year.

We deliver quarterly newsletters to keep your employees informed of financially relevant current events. We also offer more timely communications of current topics in the news, such as world events, market movements, and IRS publications.

Additionally, your employees will have the opportunity to attend an ongoing series of group presentations on a variety of financially relevant topics, including:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Investing
  • Basics of Social Security
  • Market Volatility
  • Estate Planning
  • Saving for College
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Customized presentations as requested