Endowments & Foundations

When constructing portfolios for your endowment, we understand that there may be both short- and long-term objectives that need to be considered. As such, we will work with the endowment to develop a portfolio that is uniquely constructed to help accomplish those goals while adhering to the parameters laid out in the Investment Policy Statement.

Our portfolios are uniquely constructed to help preserve long-term real purchasing power while also realizing appropriate investment income.

Portfolios will be managed to appropriately balance future growth with present stability and income to fund current ventures. The suitability of each portfolio will be continually evaluated to ensure that the allocation allows the endowment to effectively meet its stated objectives. Each account is actively monitored by Millennium’s Trading Team and rebalanced through changing market conditions.

We understand that financial situations may change over time, and we continuously work with our clients to make updates to endowment models as needed, while also proactively providing updates on recommendations to managed portfolios.