Frequently Asked Questions

What does fee-only mean?

Fee-only is the most transparent and objective method of compensation. Clients are charged a fee based on their account value. We do not accept any commissions on products sold, allowing for objective financial planning advice.


May I refer family or friends who are not part of my retirement plan?

Yes, your family and friends can be referred to Millennium and receive the same level of service and advice whether they are participants in your retirement plan or not.


Can you include my spouse or significant other in my financial plan?

Yes, our goal is to create a holistic financial plan that allows you both to work towards your unique financial goals and needs.


Can you help me consolidate my accounts?

Yes, we are happy to help you with all of your financial needs, including consolidating your IRAs, retirement plans and other accounts. 


May I continue using your services after I retire?

Yes, we want to maintain our relationship throughout your life and continue adjusting your financial plan as your needs and goals change in retirement.


May I retain Millennium Advisory Services if I leave my current employer?

Yes, you may continue to work with Millennium in the event that you leave your current employer. Whether that entails changing jobs or retiring, Millennium will work hand-in-hand with you throughout your transition.